#DigitalOutreach and Website Managment

Not Tech Savvy? I can help

Churches and Ministries



So much of our lives are lived digitally. For better or worse, we are addicted to and connected through our phones. Digital images and videos have almost become a new language…we speak Instagram! So, how does the church share the Gospel in a digital, hyper-connected world – both personally and congregationally?

I look forward to working with your church and/or school as you reach out into the community for Christ! Or perhaps you want to create a site for yourself.

Let’s start with freebies! Who doesn’t love free? I am continually adding files to this folder and you are more than welcome to pop by to see what’s new.

I can create a custom workshop based on where you are in your #DigitalOutreach, to schedule a workshop or ask questions, please fill out the form below.

If I lead a workshop at your church, would you please share your honest review in the comment section? Thank you!

Heather is effectively helping the Church and its leaders to better utilized the digital media of today!

Craig Bode

Heather is a gifted young woman who is brilliant getting one started with anything Web and Internet related. She came to our Heartland Circuit meeting this month and did a fantastic job.
We plan to have her back in the near future for a day with leaders, of our congregation. She is high energy and wonderful. We LOVED her.

Rev. Richard Norris


Personal Websites


Three reasons to start a personal blog or website:

  1. Journal. Your website can be your online journal where you post your spiritual walk, prayers, or answers to a Bible study. You can either keep your blog private or share with the world.
  2. Bring in extra cash. If you have a product or service to offer, then a website is an opportunity to not only share your talent with the world but acquire clients or sell goods.
  3. Just for fun. Enjoy writing poetry? Aspiring photographer? Graphic artist? Painter or sculptor? Great at fixing up old cars? Have great parenting tips? Review books? There are a million reasons to start your own website.

I’m tech savvy, so you are free to create!

To see if we are a good fit, please inquire using the form below.

If I helped you set-up a blog, website, or social media would you mind sharing your honest review in the comment section? Thank you!



12 thoughts on “#DigitalOutreach and Website Managment

  1. Heather and her Transformed Services are amazing!! The patience of Job and the heart of Jesus. If she can walk me through a blog setup, she can walk you through it!! I am a complete geek wanna be and all I know how to do is turn mine on!!

    She’s got me adding links, widgets, pages and buttons like crazy!! Now, if I could just get her to write my posts, life would be GREAT! I just be up and running later today after two phone calls!! Can we say miracle worker??


  2. Heather helped me in an incredible way to set up my Facebook page. She walked me through the process, answered my questions and all this on the phone!! I have to add that she did it all with the sweetest attitude ever. Thanks again, Heather!!


  3. Heather was such a blessing to me in making some revisions and getting things up and working on my blog! I wish I had contacted her sooner. She saved me HOURS of work on my own! Thanks for using your gifts to bless the kingdom!


  4. Hi Heather– really enjoyed looking at your website; i feel as if i know you even though we’ve never met. I’m a recently separated (soon to be divorced) Dad and need help setting up a Facebook page for the 1st time. Was going to try and figure out on my own but seeing your inspiring commentary has changed my mind! Can you help, i see that given your due date we need to get moving??


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